Thursday, 1 September 2011

Enter the shadow; day 13

We left Ages at 8.30 am, the latest I've left anywhere so far. The first few hours of the walk took in fields of golden sunflowers, yellow and green hills, rocky climbs, a humble church and recently laid stone circles. But the closer we got to the city the more unnatural the surface we walked on became. The hardness and heat of the endless tarmac was a killer for my feet. The scenery turned industrial and I started to feel weary. Even the camino can't be all peace and light and as we got closer to the mesquita (which we hit tomorrow) renowned for bringing out the worst in people due to it's monotony, things were starting to get under my skin. I was annoyed about some people's competitiveness (mainly the guys in the group); 'I've walked 30+ km every day', 'my bag weighs 17kilos' what utter nonsense. I was also getting annoyed by some of the relentless whinging.
Is this because I am a competitive whinger myself?

Burgos is a magnificent city, worth the torturous Tarmac walk into it today. We mustered up the energy to visit the cathedral, wander the streets and have a farewell meal with Leona who leaves tomorrow. We went to Estrella Galicia and I had pulpo a la gallega for the first time since I got to Spain. I ate too much and rolled back to the hotel exhausted anxious and sad about my friends departure. Maybe it's time to confront the shadow in the mesquita tomorrow.
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Location:Ages to Burgos

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