Sunday, 4 September 2011

The good the bad and the ugly: day 16

I'm reminded of a quote by Blake; "He who binds to himself a joy doth the winged life destroy but he who kisses life as it flies lives in eternity's sunrise." The camino teaches you to take the rough with the smooth, the good with the bad. Some people have really experienced this in the extreme. Janna and Nils a young couple from Germany caught (and captured on camera) a rare glimpse of pure white horses running free and nuzzling each other as they ascended through the clouds of sant Jean pied du port. The next day their camera, with all those beautiful photos, extra memory cards, cash and a sentimental hand me down purse from Janna's grandmother were all stolen. Janna is very philosophical about it now. She says 'the camino gives and the camino takes'.
Some days are good and some days are bad. That is life. No point fighting the bad days. They have to be embraced also.

We walked through sunrise, crops, hamlets, endlessly straight roads with nothing to see, tree lined rivers. It was a slow, hard day for me. But it was punctuated by an amazing breakfast in a cooky albergue in fromista, a specially prepared lunch just after poblacion, and A late but blessed arrival at the albergue in villamentero, with it's teepees, hammocks and vegetable patch which you could freely take from for your dinner. On the wall someone had left this note:

Si vas mas lento, vas mas lejos.
Si vas por atras, vas adelante.
Si no buscas, encontras.
Lo que es arriba, es abajo.
Donde estas la oscuridad,
Se pone la luz. :)

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Location:Itero de la vega to villamentero

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