Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hablemos el mismo idioma

So far I have met (in no particular order): French and Spanish (obviously), Irish, South African, Italian, English, Scottish, Welsh, German, Korean, Japanese, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Australian, American, Argentianian, Brazilian, Equadorian, Chilean, Portuguese. A typical question in daily life is; 'what do you do?' (often asked so that you can be put into a box of some shape or form). On the camino that hardly seems relevant; a more likely question is 'where are you from' and that is simply asked to determine what kind of conversation can ensue. One using verbal language or one using hand gestures. Either way a conversation can be had. Often silence is enough because we share the camino in common. A knowing look says a hundred words. And the people who aren't walking but are part of the road, because they have an albergue or bar on the route or simply live in a village on the camino, also know something of it's ways. In fact I am finding that I want to be in silence more and more and that actions, expressions and hand gestures say far more than words. The camino sensitises you. Colours are brighter, smells are stronger, beauty is more beautiful, acts of compassion are even more touching. When I left the albergue This morning, Jesus, the owner, hugged me good bye and tenderly wished me a buen camino. With all my Spanish blunderings (I managed, somehow to ask him if he was married to his brother!) we had becoming friends for a few hours, laughed and shared stories and shared the love of the camino. I ventured out into the early morning, the fields tinted red by the rising sun to walk more than 30km in silence, in my own company with my own memories and wonderings and peace. My right brain hemisphere more and more active and my left hemisphere less and less (more in balance at last) With the trees, red earth, blue skies, crops of hops and singing birds for company. Inside and outside; all is good company.
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Location:Villar de mazarife - astorgas

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