Saturday, 3 September 2011

Is the big man upstairs laughing at us; day 15

A tough day in the desert of fields. Pain. Tiredness. Monotony. Doubt. Distrust. Today was a world away from the first week on the camino.
A lot of people skip this part because it is too hard. With no distraction the monkey mind runs riot. It isn't beautiful, but this isn't a holiday, this is a pilgrimage and what would be the point of just doing the pretty bits? I might as well be lying on a beach in Hawaii sipping mojitos. Now there's a thought.
Last night when I talked about the camino with Pedro he said it's a calling. 'es una llamada'. I don't think I've ever been called to do anything in life except the camino. Today I wish I had been called to be a beach bum, a librarian, a florist anything but a crazy pilgrim. Maybe I need to listen a bit more to what the big man upstairs has to say to me while I'm on the road. Maybe the big man upstairs is laughing at all us crazy pilgrims torturing ourselves when we could be watching a movie at home, eating popcorn with our feet up.

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Location:San Bol to itero de la vega

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